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There's an inherent risk every time the buyers begin to make their bids, as the units could be filled with worthless trash, or they could be hiding treasure. Between Dan and Laura Dotson's quick auctioneering skills, the strong personalities of the bidders, and the intrigue of seeing the items get appraised, Storage Wars is an addictive watch. It's no surprise then that the show ran for 12 seasons. Jarrod Schulz and his wife Brandi Passante were known as The Young Guns on the show, and they proved themselves to be sharp buyers and good negotiators.

‘Storage Wars’ Jarrod Schulz: Who Is His New Girlfriend Rochel?

What Happened to Brandi from 'Storage Wars'? Is She Single Now?

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We have some disheartening news for fans of Storage Wars couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz as it appears as though the reality show couple has called it quits after nearly 20 years together. Avid Brandi fans of which there are many! Speaking of Brandi in a bikini top and shorts, she posed for a couple of those recently as well:. In case you were unaware, Brandi and Jarrod never officially got married. Jarrod proposed while the two were filming their single-season spin-off series Brandi and Jarrod: Married To The Job , and the season ended just before their planned wedding.
After hearing nothing for eight months, Schulz received a call from producers asking if they could shoot footage in the couple's store. As it happened, Passante was manning the cash register that day. Filming together on the show plus working side by side at the store, the couple quickly realized that some boundaries needed to be set. Schulz backed her up.