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Unwitting boys in Grimsby were tricked into sending intimate pictures of themselves after sexual predator set up fake profiles. A serial sex offender has been branded an "evil predator" after targeting young boys in Grimsby and asking them to send him naked pictures of themselves. James Utting, 36, pretended to be a teenage girl in "cruel" deceptions by setting up false social media profiles using a picture of a year-old girl. He became "addicted" to tricking hundreds of other boys across a wide area of the country, including Grimsby, for his perverted online fantasies, a court heard. Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, told Winchester Crown Court that Utting created false social media profiles using an image of a year-old girl. Utting encouraged the unwitting boys to send naked pictures of themselves and images of them committing sex acts.

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year-old boy distributes year-old girl's naked video footage on social media - Dimsum Daily

Accompanied by her guardian, she then reported the incident to the police. After investigation, the police arrested a year-old male student studying in a high school in the North District on Tuesday 1st. The student was arrested. In addition, the police also discovered that another 2 male and 1 female students were suspected of reposting the relevant footage. However, as all three of them were under the age of legal criminal responsibility, the police will conduct relevant investigation proceduresons the suspects and will continue to investigate other reposts.

16-year-old boy distributes 13-year-old girl’s naked video footage on social media

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