How adult are you

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However, as adults, we are expected to learn these things and do them ourselves. As an individual who can drive , you should know how to change a tire. You should also have a respectable wardrobe filled with appropriate choices for different events. To be socially recognized as an adult, you should also know how to start and carry a conversation with someone you just met.

How Adult Am I?

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Are you good at adulting or are you totally childish? Even some 90 year olds aren't very adult. Then there are 12 years olds who are adulting already. How adult are you? Find out! To find out how adult you are, we'll ask you questions like: Are you able to control your temper?

Quiz: How Adult Are You?: Zoo

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun?
You might think that you are the mythical "adult", but it takes more than a date on your ID to actually make you one! Take this quiz and we shall see just how grown up you really are. Your boss asks if you've finished the work that was due this morning but you haven't even started.