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There are two ways to start this quest. Either speak with Travis Miles at the radio station in Diamond City and then subsequently overhear a conversation about Vadim Bobrov looking for someone to help him regarding Travis, or overhear Vadim telling a story to Hawthorne while in the Dugout Inn , then re-enter the bar and speak to Vadim. Both these events will trigger the quest to start. Speak to Vadim at the Dugout Inn.

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Diamond City's Most Wanted is a repeatable side quest in Fallout 4. It can be started by reading a wanted poster in the entry of the Dugout Inn or next to Swatters. Both give the same quest. The quest can be started once the Sole Survivor reaches Diamond City. Diamond City is roughly a straight walk south-southeast from Vault and will also be revealed on the map when the Jewel of the Commonwealth quest begins. If the player character speaks to Geneva at the mayor's office and asks for work, she will direct them to the wanted posters in the Diamond City market. The wanted posters are located either in the entrance hallways of the Dugout Inn or on the wall next to Swatters in the market.

Dugout Inn

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The strong alcoholic beverage, Bobrov's Best moonshine , is distilled here. A medium sized single floor building with a number of rooms and a bar. Towards the back, there is a storage room door with an advanced lock that can be picked. Upon entering the inn there is a Port-A-Diner to the right. In the first unmarked room on the right-hand side when entering, one can find Vadim and Yefim's terminal.