Ciel x alois cosplay

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It occurred to me this drawing Alois intimidating Ciel, while showing a cat Ya know, Im just bored rn and as you all know In my Black Butler Daddy one shots Alois won't stop flirtin with me and I need him off my back ;-; literally! So quiz takers, Im relying on you to wow this booty short blondie!!

alois trancy and ciel phantomhive

Pin on black butler

I hold nothing against Cielois besides Alois, but how did that century react to gays and the rest? After Grell said he could fall for a man like William, he replied that only a woman should have such feelings-this Grell is now a pre-operational male-to-female androgyne. Not to mention Alois is dead and they're both children. Im sorry, i only read the first sentence and i laughed, you have nothing against Cielois besides Alois, that just made me laugh really hard XD. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Ciel X Alois

Alois is a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left. On his right index finger, he wears an ornate gold ring encrusted with diamonds and a large ruby in the center, resembling an eye. Alois' contract seal.
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