Who is the hottest cheerleader in the nfl

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To a lot of people, the NFL is the best sport in the world. Every Sunday, and now Monday and Thursday too, football teams take the field to do battle in a sport where only the most talented, and toughest, survive. And all over the United States fans throng to the games, no matter how cold it is, or whether it is raining, or snowing to watch. Each week millions tune in to watch the games all over the world. But if we were, to be honest, one of the things that draw a lot of fans in are the cheerleaders.

The Hottest Cheerleader From Each NFL Team For 2019

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No doubt about it, these ladies are super talented. From singing to dancing to acting, the squads on this list have it all. As if it weren't enough to keep up with a team's schedule, these squads also surpass them all in community service and outreach, earning them a spot on the top 10 list of hottest squads. The girls from Dallas are arguably the most well-known professional cheerleading squad for the NFL. Each year hundreds of women try out for a coveted spot on the DCC. Football games, a USO variety show, and numerous outreach events in the community keep these girls busy. While many know this squad for their moves on the field, you can find these girls:.

Randi named NFL's hottest

Check out some of Randi's highlights from this past year to see why. Junior Cheerleaders virtually me to learn and perform with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders on Texans gameday! In the first episode of the second season of Puro Texans, hear from Houston Texans Cheerleader and Puro Texans host, Jessica, as she discusses her own story and how the Houston Texans have shaped her.
The squad, which was actually part of the Colt's marching band, started a trend that has now lasted decades and added more energy and excitement to the games. Not only do cheerleaders increase the enthusiasm for a team , they also represent their team with appearances at schools, at charity events and with the USO - even though the gig is almost always just a part-time job. Yet while every football fan has a favorite player on their team , many don't have a favorite member of their team's cheerleading squad.