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My story starts many years ago. My name is Bobby and I was getting ready to turn sixteen that summer. My parents had just purchased a small motor home for our vacation that year. It was nice, but very confining. It was supposed to sleep six, but four people in it at one time, seemed very crowded to me. It had a bunk above the passenger compartment that would sleep two people.

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The Greenish liquid looked ugly. The small bottle was given to him by some filthy hobo after he gave him some loose change when he saw him in the alley near his house as he came home from school. He only wanted the man to go away. Read Story. Date: January 4 To: Dr.

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Jessica tried not to look her age, though her friends assured her nobody would be suspicious. Her ID showed nineteen, but she was three years younger. Everybody else in their group was really at least eighteen. She was determined to see Monica Raven in concert and nothing was going to stop her. Cindy said it was usually a college crowd.
Hi guys, I am yashwin 22 year old. This is my first experience. This incident happened 2 months ago.