Entertech squirt guns

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Entertech Water Guns

Entertech Water Guns - Do You Remember?

Entertech water guns were water guns that had a special feature: battery-power. One would load the necessary sized batteries into the water gun, fill the removable water-clip, and pull the trigger. The batteries would allow the gun to automatically fire in intervals, squirting water quite far every few seconds. There were several models made, a few which were based and marketed with the franchise name after the " Rambo " films. I distinctly remember a pistol, an AK, a small machine gun, and a bazooka. Later on, there was another set whereby you would use a base pump to fill up black-colored water balloons. These toys were all realistically molded and probably was a big hazard if improperly used in public.

Water is stored in the removable clip and the slide pump provides the priming action. No batteries required. This plastic toy gun is very realistic and measures 21 inches long from tip of barrel to back of the handgrip. Hand grip is 4" long - fits an adult hand nicely.
Entertech was a brand of battery-powered motorized water guns sold in the United States from to by the now-defunct LJN. Marketing materials and television spots would tout, "The look! The feel! The sound!