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The state of California has indecent exposure laws, making it illegal if someone is naked with the intent of being sexual like masturbating in public , or intentionally offensive like flashing someone. But then the '60s arrived, and many saw nudity as a form of political, artistic or personal expression. College students streaked across the nation. In San Francisco, hippie culture was thriving, and Golden Gate Park became a favorite spot for nudists looking to get closer to nature. According to police patrolling the area, there was also a decent amount of public sex. Cahill, who was chief of police at the time.

Dozens march in the buff through San Francisco advocating for public nudity

Celebrating National Nude Day in San Francisco: Everyday Spots to Annual Events | SF Station

Black's Beach: This secluded La Jolla beach has been a clothing-optional mecca for several decades. Boneyard Beach: In Encinitas, about 25 miles north of San Diego, Boneyard is a fairly secluded beach located below a very steep cliff. Apparently, to keep the peace, nudists are encouraged to disrobe north of the trail but to leave the south of the trail area for the clothed crowd. To find it, keep your eyes peeled because the park is marked with only one sign on Highway 1. Privates Beach: A locked gate prevents just anyone from using this Santa Cruz beach which is popular with locals who surf or like to sunbathe naked. The actual Shark Fin rock formation off the shore is visible from Highway 1. Four Mile Beach: The name comes from the four-mile drive it takes from downtown Santa Cruz north to the parking lot along Highway 1.

The History of Nudity in San Francisco Uncovered

True to form, Berkeley's City Council meeting on Tuesday night included some lengthy public debate about an issue that's not exactly vital city governance at the moment, and ultimately devolved into some yelling. It's been a while since we were debating Scott Wiener's nudity ban, which took effect in and has resulted in several older nudist gentlemen who frequent Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. Perhaps in an effort to catch the reality-TV star mid-dirty job, an unknown drone operator stands accused of piloting the device outside the bedroom window of San Francisco resident Mike Rowe and taking. Looking to see a bunch of naked people that are, well, deceptively naked?
Three dozen people in the buff paraded around San Francisco on March 17, , in the fourth-annual Nude Love Parade, celebrating the the human body and protesting the city's nudity ban. Three dozen people in the buff paraded around San Francisco on Sunday in the fourth-annual Nude Love Parade, celebrating the human body and protesting the city's nudity ban. Parade organizer and nudist activist Gypsy Taub shouted out over a megaphone: "Don't believe the lie.