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The world's best selling sex guide. The Lovers' Guide series were the first adult guides on video revealing interesting informative and entertaining aspects of love and sex in intimate relationships. The second film in the series explores an indepth range of sexual techniques and sensual methods to enrich your intimate lives. Creatively and effectively you will discover how to give and recieve lasting pleasure. Better Orgasms for Women. Whether you are happy with your orgasms, or one of the many women who experience orgasm difficulty, this film will help you achieve a climax whenever you want to.

[Video] The Lover’s Sex Guide: Sex Play

The Lovers' Guide - Sex Play () Movie Review from Eye for Film

I want to know how he can give me an orgasm without playing out that position [ … ]. Woman on top sex positions put you in control and your partner will likely love it. More people than you might think have issues with self-confidence between the sheets. The biggest obstacle to enjoying sex is not body size but body image. If you feel sexy, you will be sexy. Take the sexual initiative and put yourself in control — for better loving and sweeter sensation for both of you.

The Lovers' Guide

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There was a time, not so long ago, when boys in short trousers were warned that if they persisted with "that thing you do", their eyes would fall out. Sex Play attempts to put a stop to that nonsense by demonstrating the positive aspects of spanking the monkey. A well dressed lady doctor of something entirely respectable introduces the subject of gasp! Is this educational? Almost certainly.