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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book draws on the voices of sex workers and their clients to critically assess the criminalization of prostitution in favour of decriminalization. It does so by contrasting their voices with the claims made by prohibitionists: those advocating the prohibition of prostitution or, at least, the prohibition of the purchase of sexual services, and notes scholarly research that gives context to those accounts and claims. Jerald L. Mosley is an attorney who researches and writes on privacy and sex work issues.

Sex Workers and Their Clients

The L Word: Sworn Off Sex | SHOWTIME

Metrics details. Much work has been done to promote sex and gender-based analyses in health research and to think critically about the influence of sex and gender on health behaviours and outcomes. However, despite this increased attention on sex and gender, there remain obstacles to effectively applying and measuring these concepts in health research. Some health researchers continue to ignore the concepts of sex and gender or incorrectly conflate their meanings. We report on a primer that was developed by the authors to help researchers understand and use the concepts of sex and gender in their work.

Sworn Off Sex

Hemp Cannabis sativa has a highly variable sexual phenotype. In dioecious hemp, the sex is controlled by heteromorphic sex chromosomes according to an X-to-autosomes equilibrium. However, in monoecious hemp, the sex determinism remains widely unknown and has never been related to a quantitative approach of sex expression.
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