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It never ceases to amaze me when a married woman takes my cum when she knows her pussy is unprotected. Would a better man be an alpha? Like a leader, smart, meybe stronger too? A bussiness man got my wife pregnant 3 years ago, found out after was born. Natural leader, maybe that had someting to do with it, even ia an unnaware level maybe. After her child was born I sent this video diary of her TRUE pregnancy to her husband Have fun being a father to my child.

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For all the people who love to cuckold or be cuckolded, and for all the spouses who love to be in chastity for their HotWives. When my wife decided we should have a baby, I was told to prepare the nursery, and her man to do the honors! This is a breeding session! Your pregnant wife with the father of your baby! He is the man of the house now, and he is your wife's man!

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