More sex than me bunny

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Rabbits are clean and for the most part there are very few health risks involved with sharing our lives with them. However, some people may experience problems and it is always wise to know what signs to look out for and steps to take to try and prevent any problems occurring. It should be stressed that health problems from people contracting things from rabbits are rare, and owners should not lose sleep over them! Firstly — there really is no need to panic!

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

Textualists insist that judges should follow the ordinary meaning of a legal text, and sometimes texts do have an ordinary meaning that judges can follow. But sometimes texts have no such thing, in the sense that they are reasonably susceptible to two or more interpretations. Some textualists fall victim to something like the duck-rabbit illusion. They genuinely see a duck; they insist that a duck is the only thing that reasonable people can see. Their perception is automatic, even though it might have been primed, or a product of preconceptions. But reasonable people might well see a rabbit. Various approaches are possible to determine whether we have a duck or a rabbit; most of them do not turn on the text at all.

Textualism and the Duck-Rabbit Illusion

It was the only single off The White Albun The single wasn't released commercially in Australia. It was, however, distributed to Australian radio stations, and signed copies were made available to fans attending the Popcorn Taxi session with the band in hosted by John Safran. The real names of the TISM members are revealed on the back of this single.
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