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Honey Select Character Editor Tutorial Whether you are just tweaking normals or building a whole character, we have you covered. Now, start a new game and Import the hero character you just saved and enjoy your edited character. Character is a 1st level human fighter: Character gets 3 feats. Click on Select and then click on Copy.

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I have Returned! I know I've kind of hyped up the creation of this gallery but I was waiting till I had a decent grasp of the character creator as well as wanted the game to be officially updated itself as well as some very useful mods to be released. For the uninitiated, Honey select 2 and AI shoujo are a pair of Japanese 3d custom girl eroge games made by the development team over at Illusion soft. They share the same engine allowing for character cards, scenes and mods to be mostly interchangeable between them with the difference between them being gameplay. AI came out first and involves your avatar living on a tropical island with your created NPCs, while Honey Select 2 : Libido is the sequel to Honey select duh where the women you create are used to fill a brothel for them to serve you and not much else. AI Shoujo does have an English release on steam don't know if its' censored in any way but HS2 unfortunately does not and must be imported if you wish to rightfully own it.

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