Euphoria locker room scene

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Like, it truly is the network that will serve you a bare butt, a line of cocaine, and an F-bomb-laden monologue all within the first five minutes of a show. And although it seems like the network gives zero damns, the upcoming show Euphoria just discovered that HBO actually does have boundaries. Apparently, the second episode will include tons of penises Read: There were too many penises. An editor at Decider counted how many Ds actually made the cut.

Are These Really the 5 Hottest Locker-Room Scenes of All Time? (NSFW)

Did ‘Euphoria’ Have the Most Male Nudity in One Scene Ever? - The Ringer

Though Euphoria is only two episodes in, HBO's newest series has amassed more critical attention than most shows see through their entire run. Before the series debuted, word of statutory rape scenes and drug use swirled around the internet and into the minds of concerned parents hoping to shield their impressionable children from the glare of the extreme high school experience. But among the headlines , one story reigned supreme—the legend of the 30 dicks. On Sunday night's episode, the gaggle of penises gaggle? When it comes to shock value, the bar is set pretty high when the pilot of a series features Eric Dane's erect prosthetic penis raping a transgender teenager.

LOL, HBO Had to Cut 80 Penises Out of a Scene From ‘Euphoria’

Stoic about the soulless life he leads in this small town, the unnamed older man Cal, we later learn, played by Eric Dane takes pleasure in ordering around the young nubile girl with pink-tinged long blonde hair. As he talks to her, the camera focuses on her face. The dreamy eeriness of the moment makes the shot that follows all the more jarring: As Jules just in her underwear remains seated on the bed in the background, we see the man putting a condom on his hardened penis.
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