Embarrassed to be naked

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I am ashamed of my naked body, but it's only recently that I've become consciously aware of it. This shame has nothing to do with the shape of my body or how attractive I think I am. I am actually content with my looks and my shape. It's more a disgust at nakedness, particularly when being intimate with someone.

Why Are People Ashamed of Being Naked?

Why are we embarrassed to be naked? | Naked Science Forum

By Sarah Fitzmaurice For Mailonline. A new study has revealed that more than a quarter of women feel so embarrassed by their naked body that they have sex with the lights off or avoid it entirely. According to a new survey of more than 2, British men and women more than 75 per cent of women claimed they disliked their body with 66 per cent saying they are 'ashamed' of their appearance. In the study, conducted by Weight Watchers, 27 per cent of women admitted they have sex with the lights off or not at all due to a lack of body confidence. Lights out: One in four women have revealed they are so embarrassed about their bodies they refuse to have sex with the lights on. And it seems that the participants hate looking at themselves naked - with 60 per cent of women avoiding looking at themselves in the mirror when getting undressed. And the survey also revealed that 38 per cent of those surveyed - both men and women - admitted they thought there partner would not find them as attractive if they saw them naked.

Over a quarter of women feel so ashamed being naked they have sex with the lights off

Genesis tells us about the moment humans first "realized" they were naked, quickly followed by the moment they were first ashamed of being naked -- but it doesn't explain why humans were ashamed. Animals are naked albeit furry , and for tens of thousands of years, so were human beings. So what changed -- and if we wanted to, could we change back, and unlearn our shame? Recently, some British researchers attempted to find out. Their theory is that the shame of being naked was codified in most human societies as a way of protecting mating pairs.
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