Are there any sex scenes in elfen lied

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Anime fans during this era were categorized as fans of more family-friendly series, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! When the series opens up with a naked woman ripping limbs off her foes, you know right off the bat you're not watching Toonami anymore. For many anime fans, Elfen Lied became a controversial rallying cry for those seeking edgy, too-violent-for-television anime. However, as fans matured and approached shows with a critical eye, Elfen Lied became kind of a joke, and now stands mostly forgotten. Fifteen years later, with the exception of one particular scene, nothing in Elfen Lied makes it stand out as anything more than a reminder of the past.

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Elfen Lied is at least superficially known and characterized at the time of its release for its goriness and nudity. Are they indispensable to you or you can do without them? Or you can't imagine EL without them at all? I don't feel that the gore and nudity was a very important part of Elfen Lied's popularity. Afterall, Gantz was released the same year as EL and featured even more gore and nudity.

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Not in the slightest. The sexual antics of Nyuu are uncomfortable when you remember she's mentally a toddler, but in the anime at least , she's 18 so it can skirt around that line. And Mayu's sexual assault is portrayed in a hideous light. No part of it is glorified or sexualized; it's just a terrible thing that happened to a child. Now, the nudity of Mayu and Nana and Lucy and Kouta during the former's childhood flashback sequence would probably get it looked at, if anything.
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