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Lucie Schwartz. Lucie is a French-American journalist and documentary filmmaker with a strong background in television production and international reporting. She is committed to producing content that promotes social change and elevates the status of women. Lucie lives in Los Angeles, where she has worked on a variety of documentary, television, and web projects.

‘To the Bone’ Movie Review: From the Perspective of an Eating Disorder Therapist

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After showing no signs of improvement or even the simple desire to get better, Ellen is sent home from a variety of inpatient treatment practices and programs. The only treatment option that remains is one final program that involves her living in a house with several other young adults suffering from similar eating disorders. The film showcases the symptoms of these disorders, their harmful effects, and the daily struggles these individuals go through. It powerfully depicts the healing process and tells a story of true perseverance. Topics of mental health are tricky, as they will likely receive backlash for one reason or another. This is because everyone has different experiences with mental health, different opinions related to how it should be discussed, and views on how this discussion may affect those exposed to it.

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An eating disorder survivor who believes in speaking openly about the disease, she was curious to see how the new film, "To the Bone," would tackle the complex and often-deadly mental illness. As she watched the trailer about a young woman's battle with anorexia, Gleekel, 18, became increasingly upset. Close-up shots of the young woman's bony spine were too much for her. Her concerns are shared by many in the eating disorders world, where debate is raging over the movie's impact on young people.
In fact, an estimated 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffer from an eating disorder. When you have an eating disorder, Fialk says eating can feel painful and overwhelming, and celebrities are especially vulnerable. Being under a microscope all day, every day, has made many go down a dangerous road.