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U - 18 Chan Being rammed by larger ships since from host u18chan. Webpage Screenshot. If you are unsure of how to report a post, I'd suggest reading through the whole of the UChan Guide which can be found under the "Misc" section of the U 18 chan zaush patreon U18chan zaush patreon. Information about u 18 chan.


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That's my policy anyway, and it's not like it matters much, because the content we're looking at here is of the furry variety. Uh huh - not only furries though, gay furries. I'll be honest, I've never been a big fan of mixing animals with pleasure, but I guess if it's all safe and doesn't hurt anyone, there's no problem at all, right? There's quite a big community here with the homepage having posts bumped up within a few hours of each other. Sadly, I was violated by seeing some of my most loved cartoon characters doing nasty things to one another, but that's exactly what you furfags want, right?!

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Fur Affinity internet s largest online gallery furry, anthro, dragon, brony art work more! U18chan zaush patreon. My name is Meesh, and I used to draw a lot of furry porn comics. I love making them, but I had to stop for a while to finish my last year of art school.
UChan is a mature furry imageboard hosted in Europe. Its name comes from a German submarine from the First World War. The lounge board is a board for general chatting and random threads, while the discussion board is for discussions, debates or arguments.