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ASEP builds upon the Foundation's award-winning Imagine America Scholarship Program, which has helped thousands of high school seniors each year attend career colleges. Programs in several growing areas are enrolling now at approximately career colleges that are proud partners of the Imagine America Foundation! We understand the challenges many adult students face when they make the brave decision to seek career training. In fact, a recent study showed that many adults were reluctant to go back to school because they felt they needed support with financial decisions and burdens.

Scholarships for Adults & Non Traditional Students: How to Find & Win

Trade School Scholarships for Adult Students | Imagine America Foundation

Those who decide to go back to school typically do not think of applying for scholarships. Adult scholarships are more difficult to attain in contrast to students entering their freshman year in college. There is no doubt that attending college requires some financial assistance. Adult scholarships are the answer for those seeking better career and work opportunities; seeking upward mobility and better positions tend to require extended education. Adult students typically have more bills and family to support when trying to pay for school. Such students have taken fiscal, adult responsibility and do not rely on the parents for support, which is worth commending. Additionally, many adult students may be balancing work and college and may be making too much money to qualify for need-based federal student financial aid.

Scholarships for Adult Students

Commonly defined as students over the age of 24, adult students represent a diverse group of individuals from all social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Learners who do not transition directly into college after graduating from high school are defined as "nontraditional students. This guide provides in-depth information about financial aid opportunities for adult students. Although colleges and universities dedicate a lot of their funding to scholarships for recent high school graduates, they also offer awards specifically for older students. Adult students represent people over the age of 24 who are either attending college for the first time or returning to school after a long hiatus.
Increasingly, mainstream scholarship awards include either expressly stated or not for adults and non-traditional students returning to college either for the first, second, or even third time. With student profiles changing along with industries and occupational fields, millions of scholarships are now tailored towards highly capable adults who have already acquired quite a bit of life experience. By definition, non-traditional students are usually over the age of 24 while attending an institution of higher learning. As such, many scholarships for distance learning students now include adult-inclusive language such as:. Many scholarships in the non-traditional category are catered to single parents as well as active military members, who face highly specific challenges while earning a higher education credential.