Adult site disclaimer

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This Adult Website Disclaimer is designed for use on websites which provide adult material generally photographic or video. This disclaimer template has been updated to bring it in line with the counterpart website terms of use and has been checked for compatibility with the Consumer Rights Act Alternative website disclaimers are available, including those designed for basic websites, community websites, e-commerce websites and information websites. This document is in open format.

Adult Disclaimer for “Adult” dating sites

Adult Content Website Disclaimer Template| Simply-Docs

Does your business use materials that may be seen as obscene or even just controversial? Do you allow users to post their own content to your site? If so, you'll need to warn visitors about the potential of encountering offensive material on your site. Offensive material disclaimers protect your visitors from experiencing content they're too young for or simply don't want to see. More importantly, these disclaimers add an extra layer of protection from liability in the event that someone-even and especially you-uploads something that damages your business.

Adult Content Disclaimer

Obenberger, Esq. When you publish your web site on the Internet, you open yourself to lawsuits in places you never imagined. Many adult Internet businesses are shocked to learn that they can be sued in a state other than the one in which they are based if they don't take precautions. Even worse, the cost of defending these lawsuits is extreme because of the travel and time expenses involved not to mention the additional fees demanded by attorneys to represent an out-of-state client.
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