Motor Skills

Wow, I’m so bad with blogs. Yet another one that I haven’t updated in months.

It’s been a tough beginning of season. We played 6 games so far (2 friendlies). Three ties and three losses. Obviously results don’t  matter in my age group but I’m not just used to not winning that many matches.

I can definitely see some improvement, though, in the way the kids understand the game. I think I’m still far from having the team creating an identity and the atmosphere is not the best at the moment, given they are very competitive teenagers. But I feel more motivated than ever to give those kids everything I have to make them better players and humans.

I’ve been particularly curious about motor learning and coordination exercises. I remember 10 years ago when I spent a week at São Paulo FC academy (produced players like Kaka, Oscar, Casemiro, Hernanes and many others) and they’re talking about intensity levels of coordination exercises. That was 10 years ago and I haven’t heard anything even close to that in Australia.

And I’m pretty sure Australian Universities have that kind of knowledge. Maybe there’s no link between science and australian football clubs just yet?

Anyways, not here to point fingers. I just think there’s a lot of research to be done and a lot we coaches need to learn to optimize the learning of our kids.

Will come back soon with more stuff on the subject.



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