FFA C License: Failed Assessment

It always feels bad to fail an assessment or to fail anything in life really. And unfortunately I failed my assessment for the coaching C License. It’s not the end of the world, as I have three attempts but it’s quite a blow. I have quite high ambitions, such as coaching the brazilian national team and I can’t even pass the C license in Australia?

Except for the fact that it took more than 1 month for the FFA to assess my video, I have no other complaints. I didn’t deserve it. In my video, in many opportunities I didn’t intervene when I should have or interveined when it wasn’t relevant, so I deserved to fail.

The only problem is that I wanted to attend the B license course in January and for that to happen I need my C done by the end of October. And considering the amount of time it takes for the video to be assessed, I probably won’t make it on time.

However I strongly believe we learn from defeats and setbacks and this is an opportunity to learn and to strengthen my character.

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