Video: FC Barcelona Central Attacking Combos

This is my first attempt to publish a video about football. I’ve been practicing and studying it for a while now and I hope it works. The copyrights patrol can be a huge issue that I’m still not sure I can overcome. Let’s hope so!

FC Barcelona has probably been the most popular club in the world, for at least 10 years. Since the arrival of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and the appearance of Messi, the club became the simbol of how football should be played. My dream is to get my team displaying some Barcelona-like football, if not all the time, at least some of the time.

In this video there is a collection of five videoclips of the spanish club, all involving combinations in central areas that finish with a shot from inside the box.

Barcelona Attacking Combinations from Pablo Aguirre de Souza on Vimeo.

1 – In the first instance the tem shows one of their strengths. The attacking trio is tucked in, freeing space for both full backs to attack at the same time. The result is high-speed combo, with decisive participation of the amazing Messi

2 – The second video shows the importance of Messi, who has the freedom to drift into any attacking space he feels like. Here he drops deep, finds his teammate in the box with a brilliant pass and finishes the play

3 – The third is a joy to watch. It also shows the build up (in a 343 shape) and a recovery after the ball is lost.

4 – The fourth is a combo starting with a corner kick and brilliantly finished by the great Lionel

5 – The last one starts from a shift of the point of attack by Messi and ends with an awesome sequence of give and gos between Messi and Neymar that manages to beat 6 players. Absolutely brilliant.

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