Season about to end

The season is about to end! I came to realize it today after looking at the team’s schedule and seeing that the two postponed games were scheduled for the middle of the next two week. That means that from Sunday we’ll have four games in ten days. Those will be exciting 10 days, that’s for sure. 😀

Nothing can be done in training to change anything significant in the team for these 10 days. What I can do is provide the best possible environment for them to enjoy themselves and express whatever they learned during this season.

I want to test a few things that I want to use next season, though, and I need to film a session for my C License Assessment. This is a priority. After that I can start thinking about my B license and to climb another step in my coaching education. I need to get my A as soon as possible to start thinking about good positions in the industry.

I’ll write posts examining the season after it ends, but I can summarize some things I’m not happy with: The way I approached fitness (or didn’t); changing the system when results didn’t come; not paying enough attention in the trials to the goalkeeper issue; shuffling a few players in too many positions; not spending enough time 1-on-1 with the players; focusing too much for too long on the team and not on the individuals, not having an objective method to assess the development of the players; not being organized enough, specially with gear and keeping a log of the sessions.

The positives were: We played the style we proposed to; we never gave up our football philosophy; we dictated all the games; I learned a lot, what to do and what not to do. The environment was generally good: a few problems arised towards the end of the season but apparently things are fine; Generally there was consistency in not only in the philosophy and style of play but also in training sessions, communication with the players and number of sessions.

Another not so good thing at the moment is that I have no idea about what I’ll be doing next season. Olympic’s Technical Director and Brisbane Roar’s Youth Coach both resigned and I reported to both of them. Two weeks ago I was thinking of National Youth League with the Roar and NPL U15 at Olympic but right now the only certainty is that I’ll be playing Div 2 Online and Div 5 One Player in Fifa. 😀





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