Pre-season Friendly 3: 5 x 1 vs U15 Div 3

Before updating the blog with what’s been going on in the past few days, I need to post about our third friendly of the season. We played the U15s Div2 side. I wanted this game to try my team against physically stronger players. They’d still have a chance to win against an older side. because their team had only been training for 1 week.

Apart from that, we managed to impose our playing style and create a lot of chances. Against teams that aren’t very good on the ball, there’s only one recipe. Apply pressure as high as possible and get the back line ready to run. That’s exactly what happened. They couldn’t cope with the pressure and we started stealing next to their goal.

We ended up winning 5-1, all of our goals scored from proper circulation of the ball. All the training can only be really tested in a match environment and we showed a lot of positives. A general understanding and application of the playing style. On the other side, it still shows poor vision and decision making in several moments. Holding onto the ball when we shouldn’t, not switching when it’s a clear switch, forcing through ball when there’s no reason to do so, and so on. I’ve edited videos of all the goals and also of the most important mistakes we’ve done to show the players:

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