Pre-season session 15: Attacking

Tuesday I ran my last attacking session before the first game of the season, which will happen tomorrow at Brisbane City. I repeated the attack against defense exercise. I conducted it a little bit more carefully, stopping everytime I saw something conceptually wrong. For example: Striker moving wide to get the ball and winger not moving accordingly, or when there was a clear pass wide and the man on the ball decided to go for the through pass instead.

Also, I started the plays with a more realistic shape: Always three wide players and 1 or 2 coming from behind. I encouraged them to try as many rotations as possible and the wingers to drop and receive the ball instead of always staying high to get behind the defense. Unfortunately the wide 1v1s aren’t going too well at the moment but it might have to do with the shortage of space horizontally, as the goalmouths are protected. This is a football problem I want to address soon. Wide 1v1s are very specific and I want my players to be able to succeed in that area as well. In the diagram 7 dribbles inside and teammates to support giving him several options (X marks)


During the training game the combinations I wanted started to appear more often but the ultimate assessment will be at the game. I’m looking forward to see if the players will start moving away from the trends they have in the attacking phase.

Another thing that I did today was to instruct my players to to their own general warm up while I’m setting up my session. Unfortunately I can’t set up in advance anymore because I’m coaching the academy in the same space before our session.

In the next block of sessions I plan to work in transitions. Organize the basic positioning and movement patterns but more importantly the quick reaction from one phase into the other.

(Geneal Warm up)
1 – Rondos (5v2)
2 – Att v Defense (4v2s and 5v3s)
3 – Game Training
4 – Cool Down

In the cool down I instructed them about free kicks. We’ll perform a rotation. Whoever wants to take a free kick will do it. The players will organize themselves. I want everyone of them to have the chance to take a few free kicks during the season.

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