Pre-season Session 14: Attacking

Last Thursday the focus of our session was once again attacking. In the warm up I did a passing game to work on the through balls, vision and movements off the ball.


Then I did two activities: First an attack v defense drill, starting with 4v2, progressing to 5v3 and then 6v4. It’s important to shape the attacking team, so that they don’t position themselves in a way they wouldn’t do in the game. The team is still tending to rely on forced through balls to create chances. I’m trying to disconstruct that in their minds. The through pass should most of the team be preceded by quick square combos, so that the defense gets disorganized.

It’s not an easy thing to coach. I’m also learning. The first principle of attacking in my opinion should be the freedom. If in the build up I want all players to stay in their zones as much as possible, when assaulting the final third, it’s vital to be more chaotic. This chaos will overload some areas that, when covered, will open space somewhere else and we can take advantage of that. One example is the inside movement of the wingers, or the forward movement of #10.

At the moment I’m always playing with inverted wingers, in an attempt to overload the center to finish the attacks, and also considering that we don’t have wide players with a lot of power to beat defenders and cross. So, coming inside they can still use their good 1v1 skills but with more support. That movement also opens space for #2 to go forward.

In the game training I had to correct again the starting positioning to press. The wingers should always stay in running distance from wingbacks but also should be able to double on the center backs if needed.

For the first time I saw chances being created from sharpness and speed of thought in the midfield. We still have a lot to improve but I think If I continue teaching those attacking concepts we’ll see very good results soon. They have decent skills to do it. It’s a matter of understanding those principles now.

1 – Warm up
2 – Passing Practice
3 – Attacking Practice
4 – Game Training

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