Pre-Season Session 3: Attacking Combos and Finishing

Some of my players will be used by the NPL U14 side because they have problems with injuries. So I loaned three of them to be used in their session. I also loaned the goalkeeper and one of my midfielders to the U13 sessions. With five men down and 4 absences I was left with 6 to run 50 min of training before we did a mini-match against the U13 NPL.

My focus on Fridays will be on the attack. Not only tactically but technically. My warm up was already directed to 1v1s (vs manequins) and shooting and progressed into a technical session in the field shown in the diagram. First they would just run dribble and shoot, using both sides of manequins, then there would be a passer, who would give them a through ball behind the manequins. It was a very productive activity, with lots of coaching points. Timing the run, shooting as quick as possible, using your outside foot, etc.


In the same field we progressed to a game with 3 teams, where there would be 2 bouncers and 2 attackers forming one team vs the defenders, a 4v2. I wanted fast and sharp combos, hence the numerical advantage. If the defenders stole the ball, it would be a 2v2 to score on the other side. In this game the quality was still not there. The decision making, the positioning of the bouncers, and even of the defenders wasn’t the best. I’ll repeat that kind of activity more several times until it gets good.

After that we played a 10 min game against the U13s, a very organized side, with a lot of personality, and very confident to play out from the back. I was in the middle of the pitch trying to observe the action. It’s good to remember how chaotic the movement of 22 players can be so that I never underestimate the complexity of the game and keep thinking about it. Those who think that they know all about football will be the first to fail.

The session:
1 – Warm Up (A little different, based in 1 v 1)
2 – Technical Practice: Finishing
3 – Game Training: Attacking Combos
4 – Training Game: v U13s

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