5th Session of the Year

Unfortunately I’m still getting only a few players to run my sessions with but I can’t really complain. Something that I’ve been trying to in my life is not to be negative about anything. I’ve been trying to see the positive side and learn from everything. Even though it’s not ideal for a number of reasons I still get to test sessions, get a closer look at some players, get more comfortable with my football language in english and so on.

The good news is that all fields are ready for the season, which means I already have my definitive space for the season (picture above). I really like it. It’s somewhat secluded and I really like to work without much distraction.

This session was a little shorter because I had things to discuss with the director but, even though I only had 6 players, I was delighted with the presence of a new one. A tall 12 year old boy, one year younger than my team but impressively up to their level physically. You always want to find a new player and I can see he’s definitely has potential. In Volley Football his touch was somewhat refined given his growth spurt clumsiness.

But he really impressed me when in the training game. Being a right wing he just positioned himself wide and whenever he got the ball he just took on opponents towards the goal. Even when the pass was the most obvious option he just went on forward. It’s amazing too see a player with that instinct and, even though I wanna see him playing a game, I’m 99% inclined to sign him.

The session:
1 – General Warm UP
2 – Volley Football
3 – Rondo
4 – Passing Practice (Square)
5 – Passing Combos Front Third (Same practice of the last two sessions)
6 – Game

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