Fourth Session of The Year

This time I planned a session for 7 players and only 3 turned up. I would feel frustrated a few weeks ago, but the more I learn, the more I realize the amount of football skills is so vast that even activities with a few players can be very productive. Plus, there’s no time to waste at this point of my career. I’m learning and perfecting myself every minute, and it won’t be a session that didn’t go according to my plans that would interrupt that.

Fortunately I had 2 trialing U16 players available to increase the numbers and help the flow of the activity. One is from Iran and the other from Afghanistan. I can see they really like football but the technique and concentration just aren’t there. They have no chance to be player. My players are better than they are technically, just because they had proper coaching from early ages and I’ll use them as an example for them.

For this session I wanted to spend more time perfecting the passing and the shooting, so I eliminated the volley football. I also designed a more extensive conditioning circuit, where the players would run a longer distance between station. This is something I’ll discuss a lot in this blog, but right now I’m still trying to find an optimal approach to conditioning. FFA says there shouldn’t be any conditioning at all that doesn’t involve a game. I like the idea of moving conditioning towards specificity as much as I can but I’m not sure cutting any pure conditioning wouldn’t be detrimental to the physical development of the players, specially at this age.

The session:
1 – Warm Up: Sprint, Jumps, Ballistic Stretches, Jogging
2 – Conditioning Circuit: 4 stations: Agility; Strength; Endurance; Plyometrics
3 – Passing Practice: It was the same practice as Thursday but now in the progression I changed the position of one of the players so that the final pass would come from a wide position.
4 – Traning Game: 2×2 + GK

Passing 2.1

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