Third Session of The Year

Again I had 7 players. I could definitely see some improvement, specially in the training mindset of someplayers. In this group I have 3 players that I think have the correct mindset: They’re pretty serious about training e it probably takes them one step ahead in terms of technique. Another 2 of them are much more laid back. They’re very good technically and certainly creative, but they don’t take everything some of the activities can offer because of lack of concentration. The 6th one had a really bad start on Tuesday, but I was really happy with his improvement last session. He will be one of my number 9s and I need them to be eager and switched on 100% of the time. And apparently he improves his concentration if shaken. And the last one is a sweet kid who’s obviously going through his growth spurt. The clumsiness is evident. He takes training seriously but is a little slow in picking up information.

The session (7 players)
Part I: Warm up
Ballistic movements, dynamic stretching, short sprints with the ball, short passing, dribbling

Part II: Volley Football
There’s still a little bit of lack of concentration here. It’s suppose to be a fun activity but the focus has to be there. Otherwise you miss the technical purpose of the game.

Part III: Conditioning
Another small circuit with plyometrics and sprints, now including a balance exercise.

Part IV: Passing Practice (Described in the diagram)
I spent a lot of time in a practice that involved passing and shooting. I think i focused too much on the shooting part and on driving the intensity of the session. Next time I do this one I’ll focus more on the quality of the passes. In the beginning I had problem with the distances. If the shooting players don’t time their run they’ll end up shooting too close to the goal keeper. Getting close to the goal keeper is still one way to finish, though, but I wanted to work on mid range finishes, hence the adjustment.

Passing 1

That’s why is important to think in detail about the session. One cone or pole positioned 2 meters ahead or back could make a session more effective or even change the entire outcome of a session.

Part V: Match 3v3 + GKs,
Wanted to make it a lot of fun and competitive and we ended up winning on Golden Goal.

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