Second Session of The Year

Again I left the session with the sensation that I could have done better. And again I didn’t prepare the session in detail because I didn’t know how many players or how much space I’d have. I had a general idea of what I wanted and went from there.

The session (7 players)
Part I: Warm up
Ballistic movements, dynamic stretching, short sprints with the ball, short passing, dribbling

Part II: Rondos (6×1 and 5×2)
There’s a lot of room for improvement in the rondos. Speed of thought is not the great yet and clearly some players aren’t decided about what to do with the ball until it arrives. I added a rule where the player in the middle has to go again if 20 passes are reached.

Part III: Conditioning
Very small speed\agility circuit with basic low plyometrics and short accelerations. One touch more complex than the previous one, with one change of direction.

Part IV: Volley Football
Same rules as Volleyball but played with feet. With the difference that the ball can’t be returned to opponents side in the first touch. I might change the 3 touches by team rule and make it four, but I’m still thinking about it. This activity in my opinion is crucial to get the players more comfortable with the ball. The players enjoyed the game, which is always good, but struggle a lot to control the ball in the air.

Part V: Game Training
I used a very popular game, with 2v2 in the center and 3 bouncers (one on each side of goal and one opposite of the goal). That makes a 5v2. There’s a lot of room to create scoring changes and the players disappointed me a bit. The decision-making is still very poor, probably becuse the scanning os not happening and the speed of thought is not there yet. But sometimes they see the space and just chose the wrong option. I’ll repeat this game and stop if more often in the next session. I didn’t give the defenders a lot to fight for. Near the end I introduced the possibility of the defenders to score on the other side but I’m already thinking of rules to help not only motivate the defenders but also work a bit on the transition of the attackers.



Part VI: Traning Game
Once again 3v3+Keepers. I’m trying to participate on these games to make them understand how I move and to lure them into my passion for the game. I’ll also try to take on players with trick moves to value that kind of play. My ultimate goal as a coach is to help develop players able to decide games and being strong on 1v1 situations help immensely.

I felt my communication improved a touch. I want to introduce concepts in every session, not only about football, but ethics, health, nutrition, anatomy, and several other subjects important to an athlete and a person and I’ll do it little by little.


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