Why Am I Writing A Football Blog?


I’ve thought about this for a while and, at the end of the day, there’s only one reason I wish to write this blog: personal development. I’ve set goals in my life and I think writing a blog will help me achieve them. Simple as that.

My goal is to be the head coach in a professional football club. Obviously I have big ambitions, like coaching Manchester United or leading the Brazilian team to win a world cup again, but let’s be realistic first and set some achievable goals. Estimating quickly, there must be approximately 4000 clubs around the world that offer decent working conditions, and I’m pretty sure I can be one of the men who lead them.

Obviously not only first team coaches can be considered successful. There is a myriad of well-paid jobs in the industry and I could take one of them to pay the bills. But I won’t deviate from my goal, I want the thrill of coaching top level, it’s my personal challenge. People should have goals in life, I have a few and this is by far the most important one.
There are another two things that I think this blog will help me with, and they apply to any person in any profession. The first is consistency. I’ve gravitated around many activities in my life and it took me 33 years to finally decide that I just want to do the things I like. And if I have to pick the first, it’s football. This blog will help me to keep me focused on the activity I like the most, no matter what happens in other areas of my life. My ideal is to post twice a day so one would think there is no way I won’t improve in what I do if I have to think deeply about football with that frequency. The job I want to have is very complex and multifaceted. A good football coach has many interpersonal, intellectual and technical qualities. So I’ll have plenty to write about.

The second one, which will also manifest to all areas of my life, is my communication skills. I have decent english, people can understand me, however I don’t believe it’s enough. I want brilliant communication skills. I don’t want to have a british or australian accent, I’m ok with my accent. But I want to communicate in much deeper ways than I do now. And again I think putting some effort into it twice a day will be of great help.


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